A hearty welcome to all the visitors of this website. I feel myself fortunate to convey a few words to you. First of all, being the chairman of the most promising and potential Municipality in Coochbehar Dist., I feel a great responsibility has been bestowed upon me. Let me share a few thoughts with you.

Perhaps you all know that Mathabhanga is a small town of the city of Coochbehar. We are fortunate in that aspect that we have lots of opportunities and scope to grow an already planned municipal area.

Let's focus on the development work that has been done so far for this town. The very first step was land reclamation by pumping sand and silt from the river Mansai. The development work was started by the Irrigation Department, Government of West Bengal, with the construction of roads, water supply network, sewerage and other infrastructural services. The Forest Department of West Bengal Government was entrusted with landscaping the new city. Due to our constant effort and willingness, we have now reached a remarkable position. I would like to present some important development work we have finished.

We are in the process of developing our municipal corporation to a new dimension with enormous scopes and opportunity. There are lots of projects to finish in this development process. We seek your cooperation and involvement for the welfare of our beloved Mathabhanga Municipality.

Thank you.
Mr. Lakshapati Pramanik
Mathabhanga Municipality